It is through self-confidence and a stronger posture that brings forth the fearless beauty in a woman

~T.H Founder of BeaYOUtiful

“Join the Forever BeaYOUtiful movement, towards redefining the definition of Beauty”

 Our Vision

The core of the BeaYOUtiful program is to encourage young girls to feel beautiful inside and out, by instilling confidence through mentorship and education. By doing this we hope to build a generation of inspirational women that are prepared to fearlessly follow their dreams and goals.

Our Approach    

We offer young women the opportunity to join an inspirational 6 week program where mentors teach classes focused on discovering  inner-beauty, learning to live a healthy  lifestyle, setting goals, and embracing the future with confidence! The BeaYOUtiful mentors, aspirational young leaders themselves, guide the classes through a series of structured activities, guest speakers and open floor discussions. Beautiful does not look to build upon the relationship of a councillor, teach or advisor for these young women, instead we aim to build an endless sister-based friendship.

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