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Taylor Hui

Taylor Hui

Founder/ Executive Director

At the age of 16, Taylor Hui started the BeaYOUtiful program with a specific goal set in-line; to have a girl look in the mirror, and feel beautiful. For a dream that seemed so simple, Taylor experienced first hand the struggles and challenges women face today to feel confident in their own skin. With multiple friends suffering from body-image issues and eating disorders, she knew action was needed to inspire young girls about the importance of self-love.

“All to often I have seen a girl walk into our program, hiding her face from the world and remain voiceless because lack of confidence has gotten the best of her. Each week the BeaYOUtiful Mentors works to overcome these issues, teaching about living a balanced lifestyle, igniting passion, setting goals and learning to discover inner-beauty. I then have the privilege to see this girl walk out with her head held high, glowing with confidence and seeking beauty in everything around her. That is what I live for…the moment when BeaYOUtiful changes I life. That is why I know BeaYOUtiful works, because I have seen the successful results. And that is why I will continue to put my heart and soul into this movement towards self-love.”

When you can’t find her in business meetings or teaching classes under the BeaYOUtiful Program, Taylor works internationally in both the acting and modelling industry. With an addiction to traveling the world, in the past years she has lived in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Thailand for contracted work. Additionally Taylor is an employee for the City of Surrey Special Events Team, and is a professional figure skater and coach within Vancouver, BC. She currently attends Simon Fraser University, getting a degree in International Studies.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

Program Community Counsellor

Jordan Wilson is 25 years old from Mayne Island, BC. Growing up in a small town, the big city felt unobtainable at times; however, upon researching the Community Counselling program at Vancouver Community College, Jordan was inspired and motivated to make a life change. She moved to Vancouver and completed the program in 2014 to become a Certified Community Counsellor.

“I have always known that helping people is what I wanted to do with my life and the community counselling program really spoke to me, and seemed like the perfect first step in that direction.The program opened my eyes to so many aspects of the counselling world and got me in touch with beautiful people that were passionate about supporting and helping others in all walks of life. Which continues to inspire me to this day.”

After hearing about Beautiful from a friend and having an interview to become a mentor within the program, Jordan felt so unbelievably inspired by Taylor’s vision and passion and felt that this program was the perfect fit. “Struggling with self esteem and self confidence growing up, I felt that Beautiful touched my heart so strongly because I know how much I would have benefited from a program like this growing up and I can not imagine a more rewarding and wonderful thing then helping young girls see their inner beauty and learn to love themselves unconditionally.”

Alyssa Magahis

Alyssa Magahis

Event Coordinator

Alyssa Magahis likes to make cheesy jokes and enjoys making music with elders at a local nursing home. She found that through volunteering and helping others, she gained more than just happiness, but she discovered her passion.  Currently, Alyssa is a health sciences student who aspires to become a pediatric nurse.

Taking on the role as Event Coordinator was something new for Alyssa, yet she continues to impress the team as she thrives in the high-pressure position. Her determination to see success at every event has resulted in great amount of funding raised for the program, all thanks to Alyssa and the BeaYOUtiful team’s strong dedication and passion to spread beauty and confidence.

“It is so hard for girls to be themselves, in a society always demanding them to live up to certain beauty standards. I believe girls should look beyond the physical and materialistic, and find beauty in the courage and kindness in their hearts. The BeaYOUtiful movement is changing girls’ lives and I am so excited to be a part of something so inspirational! BeaYOUtiful aims to ignite a fire in every girls’ soul, and help them to believe in themselves a little more than they did before.” -Alyssa Magahis

Chris Huynh

Chris Huynh

Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator

“After witnessing first-hand what a bad concept of beauty and self image can do to a girl, I realized the importance of a program like BeaYOUtiful, and I’m glad to be helping with this cause.”

Chris Huynh is a business student at Simon Fraser University who became involved with BeaYOUtiful as soon as he found it, signing up with the intention to help in any way he could. His application interview blew away the Board of Directors, with his passion and need to see a change in the world of women and self-confidence. Chris is responsible for Recruitment and Outreach, helping to expand the program further across the lower mainland in order to inspire more youth.

Anthea Zeng

Anthea Zeng

BeaYOUtiful Associate

Anthea Zeng is an associate of BeaYOUtiful, currently studying at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Anthea was the first to join the BeaYOUtiful movement after Taylor approached her about the struggles of her friends and inspiration to help other girls like them.

“Growing up, I didn’t always feel confident about myself, whether it was my looks, my sense of humour or my intelligence. However, I was lucky to have the support of many loving friends and family. Since I struggled with self-confidence issues, the program’s objectives were something that hit very close to home for me. I was lucky to have love and support growing up, but unfortunately, there are some girls who have more difficulty being comfortable within their own skin or they lack the support to do so. BeaYOUtiful provides this care to the participants and our goal is that the girls will be able to love themselves for who they are. Everyone is beautiful and different in their own way—I think it is extremely important for girls to understand and embrace this. I do believe that at BeaYOUtiful, we strive to foster self-love in each of the girls that participate so that they can face life’s obstacles and still come through shining.” -Anthea Zeng

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